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How To Submit Your Site/Blog To Google, Yahoo And Bing Search Engines

Everyday, millions of people search online using top search engines such as Google, Bing, yahoo etc. Most site owners get their article or post indexed easily by these search engines and this helps improve your daily traffic and your site rank. As a professional site/blog owner, there is need to submit your website/blog to search engines so that your sites can be seen in search engines and be easliy indexed when searching for an article related in your site.
Google, bing and Yahoo are the top search engines in the world and from this article, I will explain the easiest way on how to submit your website to google, yahoo and bing search engines.

How To Submit Website URL to Google Search Engine

Follow these procedures to easily submit your website url to Google search engine

1.    First, Go to
2.    Enter your blog url in the URL: option (e.g
3.    Enter "Captcha"(what you see in the image )into the box under it
4.    Click "Submit Request" button

If you already have submitted a website url earlier, just click on "Add Property" and submit your new blog url that you wish to be indexed on Google search engine

 How To Submit Website url to Yahoo and Bing Seach Engine

Follow the procedures below to submit  your url to Yahoo and Bing search engine

1.    Go to
2.    Enter your blog url in the URL option(e.g
3.    Enter "Captcha" ( what you see in the image) in the box below it
4.    Click "Submit" button

Note: Bing and Yahoo search engines are the same so once you have submitted your website url to bing search engine, you have automatically submitted your website url to yahoo search engine.
It make take few days like 2-5 days before your article get indexed in the search engines and only top related and high rated post and website are indexed first.

to know If your website has been submitted to the search engine, go to for example and search and will notice most of your post would appear.

If you experience any problem, notify using the comment box.

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