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All android users would love to use phones with huge battery capacity because it would last longer and it comes with better battery life. The main problem Android users’ face is the need to charge their Android device. Most devices take more time to charge than the battery consumption. There are few tips need to know in order to charge your device.  Faster battery charging helps to save battery life and by so doing, your battery can last longer during usage. 


1. Switch to Airplane mode

If you have noticed your Android device takes more time to charge, then it's advisable to switch your device to Airplane mode before connecting your charger. Airplane mode automatically switches off your handset’s connections to the cellular, Bluetooth, radio and Wi-Fi services. 
You won’t be able to make or receive calls or texts, or use data or GPS until you switch your phone to normal mode. It makes your device charge up to 30% faster. If you are expecting a call or message, it is advisable not to switch to Airplane mode because you won’t be reachable.  

2. Original Charger

Not all charges are the same; some have a greater current output than another. Those that tend to have 2A output could take less time to charge a phone than those that have 750mA. I always prefer follow-come charger because they have been designed to make your battery charge faster and improve battery life. Try purchasing chargers with the same brand as your Android device.                                                                                                           

3. Switch off Your Mobile Data

 For faster battery charging, you ought to switch off your data connections before charging your phone. Once, your mobile data is one, some background apps starts running and that would hinder the speed at while your android phone is meant to charge. 

4. Close Unnecessary Apps

When you want to charge your Android device, make sure you close all the applications you are not using. This is a good trick in charging your phone faster. You can force stop those applications so they won’t run on background. You should also be aware that you are not meant to operate your Android phone while charging.  It slows down your phone charging speed and takes longer time to charge.

Hope you have learnt how to easily speed up the rate at which your Android phone charges. If you have any question or suggestions,  notify using the comment box.



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