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How to Locate Your Android Phone : Lost Or Stolen Using Android Device Manager

This instructional exercise depends on the most proficient method to utilize Android Device Manager to 

Remotely find and secure your Android gadgets with Google's identical to "Find my iPhone". 

Instructions to Find My Android Phone utilizing Android Device manager 

Apple clients have since quite a while ago delighted in the capacity to track their gadgets in the event that they were lost or stolen 

"The Find My iPhone" alternative has been gladly touted as an against burglary measure, with stories online of individuals recouping their iPhone by turning up at the perp's entryway with the police close by. 

Presently Android has included a fundamentally the same as highlight called the Android Device Manager for GPS-prepared 

cell phones and tablets. 

It permits you to find your lost gadget furthermore change passwords, lock screen PINs, and even remotely wipe your missing unit. 

Here's the manner by which to set up your telephone or tablet to utilize the administration, so whenever your Tecno C9 falls behind the couch you'll have the capacity to track it down. 

Step by step instructions to Set up Your Android Device Manager 

Step 1 

First need to go to 

Here you'll be incited to acknowledge Google's solicitation for area information. As this is a following administration it's important to do this for the element to work legitimately. 

Step 2 

If you as of now have a Tecno gadget with area administrations turned on then it ought to consequently show up on your rundown. Here you'll see the present position of your handset, alongside the last time it was utilized. 

Step 3 

To switch between gadgets click on the name and a drop down menu will show up. Select another model and you'll be taken to the guide screen for that one. You can likewise rename every gadget by tapping on the pencil symbol. 

Step 4 

To step up another gadget you'll have to visit the App Store on the handset itself, then scan for the Android Device Manager application. There are a couple of comparable applications, so search for the one with the green circle and focus in the center 

Step 5 

Tap nstall button and you’ll be presented with another Welcome screen requesting to use your location data. As in Step 1 you'll have to consent to this in the event that you need to utilize the administration. Tap Accept and you're prepared to go. 

Step 6 

The screen ought to now look amazingly like the one in Step 2, this is on the grounds that the Android Device Manager application fundamentally utilizes the web interface to run the administration. Once your device has found a GPS signal it ought to show up on the drop-down menu. 

Step 7 

Now you can investigate the components accessible. Underneath the gadget name there are two unique symbols - Ring, and Set up Lock and Erase. We'll take a gander at how each of them work thusly, beginning with Ring 

Step 8 

Selecting the Ring alternative will permit the application to make your gadget declare itself at most extreme volume for five minutes, regardless of the possibility that it's bolted and set to vibrate. This is especially helpful on the off chance that you've lost it some place in the house. 

Step 9 

Selecting Setup Lock and Erase will give back an exchange box letting you know that you have to send the gadget a notice. Tap Send and you'll see a message show up in your notice bar for Android Device Manager, tap this. 

Step 10 

You'll now be taken to the settings for the application, where a pop up box will inquire as to whether you need to actuate the gadget overseer? Consent to this and your gadget will now have entry to all the security highlights. 

Step 11 

The Lock alternative will now permit you to remotely make another secret key for the lock screen, while Wipe is the decision of final resort. Basically it's an industrial facility reset which expels the majority of your information from the device.Very compelling in case of a burglary. 

So With This Way, You Will Be Able To Find,Trace And Track Where You Misplaced Your Most Costly Devices 

Note: Your GPS Must Always Be Switched On In Your Smart Phones. If Not It'll Not Work



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