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How To Identify a Fake Samsung Phone

Samsung phones are well-known android phones with high prestige and almost everyone would love to make use of a Samsung device because the good reputation set by Samsung devices. However, series of fake or cloned Samsung devices have been made to look exactly like the original one but with less features and less durable than the original ones. Most samsung devices bought from the road side or local stores are fake or cloned to look exactly like the original ones and there is need to identify an original one from the fake ones.

The main problem is the fact that sellers sell both the fake and original Sansung smartphone at the same price and thereby making you waste your money on a fake Samsung phone that won't last upto six(6) months. So I decided to highlight the easiest means of identifying a fake Samsung phone from an original one.

How To Identify a Fake Samsung Phone


Weight is the easiest means in identifying a fake samsung phone from an original one. When you want to purchase a samsung phone, you will first feel it and know If it's light or not. Most fake samsung phones are very heavy because they are coupled with fake parts thereby making it heavier than the original samsung phones. This is the simplest and easiest way of identifying a Samsung smartphone.


Camera is another means of identifying an inferior samsung smartphone from an original one. A cloned Samsung phone has a poor/bad camera quality due to the cheap parts used in coupling the Smartphone. The easiest way of knowing that is by putting on the Samsung Smartphone, and going to Camera to view the Camera quality. If you notice a bad picture quality, then it is a sign that it is a cloned or fake Samsung smartphone.

Screen Display

Merely looking at a cloned/fake Samsung Smartphone, you will notice a poor screen resolution/lighting compared to an original one. When purchasing a samsung phone and you put ON the device, by looking at the Screen, if you notice any glinch or poor screen quality size, then you will easily spot it as a fake samsung phone. Samsung devices have a unique wallpaper that is peculiar to everyone that have used or seen one before. When purchasing one and you see an awkward wallpaper, then you might want to reconsider purchasing it.

Menu Icon

The menu icon is that icon you press to display all the applications in the Samsung home screen. Most Samsung smartphones have their Menu icons either at the center bottom or at the right hand side bottom, any other place where the Menu icon may be seen  i.e at left bottom or any other place in the screen, then I advice you don't buy it.

Font Size

The Samsung smartphone's font size is unique to "only" Samsung phones. Its font is Big, bold and precise so any Samsung phone with a small font is "fake".

Imei check

All phones(whether java, symbian, Android, and Windows) have a unique imei no that helps to identify Smartphone brand from another. To easily know the imei no of any android phone, check the back of the Smartphone or dial *#06#If you have internet accesss, Simply Click HERE, type the imei no and if its not the same Phone brand as what the IMEI info calcalutes, then DON'T purchase such Smartphone.


IMei Check and Phone weight is the easiest and most reliable means of Identifying a Cloned/fake Samsung Smartphone from an original one. You may also consider purchasing from Online Stores like Konga, Jumia, Mall for Africa, ali express etc.





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