Sunday, 31 July 2016

Check Hardware information on Android using Phone Tester

In the business sector today, 80% of cell phone clients don't have the foggiest idea about the equipment segments on their cell phone. Some of them simply try out the camera, find out about the RAM size, inner memory size and finish up to acquiring the cell phone. Toward the day's end, they end of acquiring the wrong cell phones. 

The rate at which fake gadgets surges the business sector is overpowering. You get to the business sector just for you to acquire the fake rendition of a cell phone or even a renovated adaptation. This is the reason it's extremely prudent to experience the determinations (with pictures) of any cell phone you wish to buy before making installments to the dealer, or something bad might happen… OYO (all alone). 

With the assistance of Phone tester application, you become acquainted with the equipment data of your cell phone. What the application does is to investigate and test the equipment of your gadget, sensors and each other part that ensures that your gadget works splendidly. 

This application is exceptionally useful to those of us who survey items. I realize that the majority of you may consider how we become acquainted with the sort of sensor our gadget utilize, the camera, the battery and other equipment part without dismantling the gadget. I'm upbeat to tell you that "Phone tester" is the mystery. 

The elements of "Phone tester" application incorporates breaking down Wifi, sensor information, camera data, telephony information, GPS information, battery limit, dissects multitouch of the gadget, framework data like RAM, CPU, GPU and other related equipment parts. 

Where to download Phone Tester

Phone tester is accessible on Google playstore HERE.

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