Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Airtel 0.0KB Unlimited Free Browsing Now Blocked

It is very sad to hear that the Airtel 0.0k free browsing that was used on Tweakware and other vpns now blocked today by 4pm of Wednesday July 20, 2016. Well, I can't be that sad because I enjoyed it and I will also be counted among the people that congested the source data.

This Airtel Unlimited free browsing was used from freebasic of Facebook that they do dash airtel users ====>> I know you always browse Facebook free when there is no data so this Airtel 0.0kb was tapped from the source ip or url and also the url is a server that makes the Airtel freebasic power that's why is always slow when connected, you know that the Facebook free mode is also slow so that's how it was tapped. So Facebook or Airtel may have gotten alert that nigerias or Africans are already tapping the server, thats why it was blocked and they may have used another server which nobody will know about but if we the blazers administrators get hold of the server once again, I think the source data from Facebook and airtel an still be tapped but t needs a more advanced settings.

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All I want to day is that the SKILZTOOLS BLOGGERS should not try the cheat anymore because it has stopped working. So. I have used more than 10GB from this Airtel 0.0KB unlimited free browsing, so tell us about your data usage and the next network cheat you will be expecting next time below. 

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