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How To Convert Your Airtime To Cash in Nigeria

Sometimes, you are faced with the challenge of how to convert your airtime to physical cash when you needed the money to do some other important transactions. As a student, loved once more often than not send you Airtime to make calls on you phone and wish they had rather send you money. This is also the case with those that fined themselves in remote locations and don’t have access to banks with only the option of Airtime and you wonder if you can convert Airtime to physical cash.

As a data and VPN reseller, many of my clients prefer to pay with Airtime rather than going to the bank. Though banks now offer mobile banking solutions where you need to simply enter your banking details right on your phone to perform banking transaction, many still frown at it because of the prevalent fraud.

Now, you don’t need to worry anymore as there is a solution to convert your Airtime – Etisalat, Glo, Airtel, and MTN – into physical cash. Thanks to Zoranga.

Benefits of Using Zoranga: 

1. Personal Use: You provide services, sell goods online or as student, someone sends money to you via Airtime, you can use this service to convert it to cash.
2. Personal Cause: You’ve started something or you need help and you want donations. Allow your friends to make donations to you even through social networks. They can donate to you using airtime. Zoranga will pay you money.
3. For a cause/organization: Organizations and individuals can accept donations from people using the Zoranga donate button on websites or letting people to donate to their cause through social networks.For 4. Charitable Organizations: Charitable organization and non-profit organizations can receive donations from anyone through Zoranga. People can make donations by clicking the Zoranga donate button or through social networks.
5. Become an Agent and Make Money: You can even become an agent with Zoranga and get paid.

How Converts your Airtime to Physical Cash in Nigeria 

Zoranga is a service that let’s you send money and pay for things online using MTN/GLO airtime or our own Zorapin. You can receive money in your bank account or through a Zoranga agent near you. Whether you’re building a marketplace, mobile app, online storefront, or subscription service, you will need the it.

Fund any account in Nigeria without visiting the bank. As well you can send money to any Zoranga account. It is one of the simplest ways to send money to a love one or fund your bank account without visiting your bank account.

No Bank required, No ATM required… Just your Airtime!

How Can I Join?
Visit and sign up, after you sign up, you can follow the rest steps in setting up your account.

Congratulations! Now that you know how to convert your Airtime to money, isn’t it better and simple? Let’s know what you think about using this service by sharing your thoughts on it using the comment box below.



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