Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Check Out This Smartphone Watch With Two(2) Screens

Tecnology innovation towards very smart life is focused on making life simple and better. Smart Phones are affected very much in our lives. Now its time for small screens to enter on our hands.

Already Somany companies released smart watches into market. But everyone is not showing that much interest to buy them. Just because of its small screen and less space to touch so what will they do????
Now It is planning for 2 touch screens at one watch.Yes you are reading right. DartMouth University Tech scientists are released a demo in youtube of two touch screens smartwatch.

It is very interesting to get Two screens on our hand. On screen is for time and oter screen is for Music,Weather,Fitness expo etc. As it says only one thing that we get more space in screen one and we can touch icons easily…

Do you think this can be the best smartphone watch produced, speak your mind using the comment box.

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