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Best Bank Visa MasterCard For Online Shopping And Foreign Exchange

Are you a Nigerian and you think on entering into Online Banking/Business. Then you need some MasterCard credit card/ Visa card that are acceptable for online transactions. Not all ATM cards are eligible for online business transactions and there is need to use and acceptable for Online business transactions.
I'll recommend to you best bank  ATM cards i insist you should use online when processing your online transactions.
🔘The card listed below are in one way or the other not affected by the Central bank of Nigeria Recent policies on ATM cards.
NOTE: This list refers to only Mater and Visa Cards

1. GTB Bank ATM card: 
No doubt when it comes to anything online transactions and portability, GTB remains the No 1 rank to run to. GTB ATM card is always on point when ever i want to use it. Till this day i haven't experience any problem with it when processing my online monetary transactions... so if you have Gt bank Master or Visa card. I prefer the Mastercardto the Visacard because it more generally acceptable but both of them( visa and mastercard) are acceptable for online payment and business transactions. Do not forget to use it as it will never disappoint you online.

2. Fidelity bank ATM card:
This bank is as good as GTbank when it comes to shopping online with their cards.. in short, i presently use Fidelity bank master card to run my adverts on Facebook.
I have about 3 Paypal accounts i operate with my different Fidelity and GTN bank cards.
If you have FIDELITY bank Master or Visa card, Never have second thoughts to use it online, as it will never disappoint you.

3. Diamond Bank ATM Card:
Well, this bank is on point when running business transactions online, but they're still lacking behind
Imagine one cant even perform Quick-teller transaction with their bank card..
Overall, i will advice you to use their card with Paypal to enjoy sweet and easy to use for transaction online  especially when using  foreign websites.

Wow, i have mention three banks already and i think it should be enough. I believe you have bank accounts with one or more of this banks mentioned above. assuming you dont have accounts with the banks above, you can try the cards of this alternative banks below.

1. Intercontinental bank ATM card
2. Stanbic bank ATM card

3. First bank ATM card
4. Others

Do you have a specific Bank ATM card you use when shopping online in foreign websites?
Tell us about your experience so far in the comment Box below



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