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Top 10 Reasons Why Android Phones OverHeates

Most people have had issues of their phones over heating above the normal phone temperature. They are not aware of the issues causing the Android phone to overheat. Your Android keeps on performing lots of tasks and due to multi tasking sometime android gets overheated. Overclocking CPU speed much can result in overheating your device and also this process can even damage your processor permanently. So its better to know about the things that make your android overheat to overcome this.
 Below are ten(10) common reasons and best resolutions that can combat overheating on your android phone.  If you take care of all the issues that causes over heating of your android device and that will avoid that cause and will avoid damage cause by it.

Top 10 Common Reasons Why Your Android Phone Overheated

Have a look on all the reasons that can cause the overheating of your android and you can take care of all these reasons and avoiding the damage of your device. So have a look on all possible reasons.

🔸1.  Multi-Tasking

The apps and things carried out on your phone are the things same as in your life. They can pile up with time and sometimes overwhelmed. If your smartphone has started getting warm or hot daily,then chances of processes are god to carry out. By this, you even didn’t know what is running in the background that in actual you are not running out. To heavy of a load for too long of a time Now-a-days ,android phones are the best, no doubt . It provides you abundance of features as you can play games, watch videos and movies, Listening music, click the pictures, search the web , gain knowledge through search engines, and the overall role i.e. you can make phone calls too. These all the things in one device in your hand provides you the fast and furious life. But these few things might start your phone to overheat.

🔸2. Heavy streaming

Watching videos and movies is another one fact that add the accessibility of your phone more vast. Carrying your phone when travelling spends your time in watching movies as long as it is. This requires more work from your phone processor which consumes not only the power but also overheats too. Especially in case when you want clearer picture definition. Combine the load of playing video with the load of data connection when running at the background and over time your phone, this will might start your phone getting little warm.

🔸3. Heavy gaming

Your android play store provides you the variety of some pretty fun and entertaining games and more applications are created and discovered every day. Some of the games and applications consumes more processing power than others depending on the complexity of the app and when you combine these two, then they start heating up. You know mostly the games require not only other resources from your phone that is your phone not only has to run the game but it needs an internet connection too through wifi data or mobile data provided in your smartphone. Your phone too provides you social networking through whatsapp, Facebook to come in contact with the friends. This adds higher load onto your phone which heats up your phone.

🔸4. Bad Battery

The main fact if your phone getting hot is if your battery is old or malfunctioning, them you must replace it as early as possible. If you had it for less than a year, then you must do free replacement battery by having warranty claim. You can carry out the battery from your phone to check whether it’s expanded or swollen or twisted. If it doesn’t fit fault on the space in your phone, then it is defective and needs to be replaced.

🔸5. Proper Ventilation Of Device

Lets have a daily life example When you are waling in the cold region and the cold wind is blowing and you didn’t have gloves to wear, then you usually put your hands in the pocket to have warm. Similarly, Every smartphone need some ventilation. If your phone seems overheating when it is in your pocket, then carry out from your pocket and let it have some ventilation. Keep it in your nice cozy pockets so that it can breath a little bit and gets cool.

🔸6. Water Damage

Usually, all of us listen the songs while taking shower. Overheating and power issues problem occurs mostly with water experience.  Locate the LDI (Liquid Damage Indicator) sticker on your phone to make sure that your phone is not experiencing any problem related to moisture or liquid damage.

🔸7. Give Your Droid A Break

Consider the case of human body, our body needs rest after lots of work carried out in a day. Same in the case of your smartphone. Have you keep your phone to rest for few seconds ?? Does your phone remain on continuously and you plugged you charger all night?? It too needs too power off to take rest for a little time. Android provides you used apps and processes start to run and continue till they reboot. But being continuously powered on will cause software problems which ca be overcome by restarting your phone.

🔸8 Outdated software

Outdated software is not considered as the offender to your phone heating up. But updated software helps your phone works smoother and faster which reduces strain on your phone and will help in maintaining its temperature.

🔸9 Do Not Cover Your Android Phone

Stop using covers with your smartphone’s especially in summer because it can be a reason to overheating your phone.

🔸10. Clear Junk files

You must need to clean all the junk file, cookies and caches, these junk files may harm your CPU and Ram which leads to overheating.

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