Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Mtn Disconnects up to 4.5 Million Unregistered Sims

Due to the fine imposed by NCC on Mtn, news from reliable source has stated that Mtn has disconnected up to 4.5 million unregistered MTN Users.
Despite the whole saga, Executive Chairman, Phuthuma Nhleko believes it will secure MTN’s reputation regarding regulatory matters including subscriber registration processes. In a statement, he stayed clearly saying:
In order to mitigate any future regulatory challenges, the group took an exceptionally conservative stance by disconnecting all subscribers who could possibly be deemed to be non-compliant.

This has had a significant unfavourable impact on total subscriber growth and revenue in Q1 16. Nonetheless, we believe this resolve to address compliance matters decisively, has put the Group on a solid footing as regards the subscriber registration process and regulatory matters in general.
 It was stated that not all the disconnected sims are unregistered. Some are due to incomplete sim registration or left over a long time without usage. The disconnection led to a decline loss 6% of MTN income this month.Mtn has compensated most defective subscribers with either free credits or free Megabyte for browsing but there is need to improve their services and inorder to achieve that, they may have to launch some luring offers or put some strategic planning to work



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