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How To Download Show Box Movies With Adm(Advance Download Manager)

ShowBox is an Android streaming app with lots of free movies and TV shows. With showbox you can get the latest released Movies and TV shows in high quality format. It is regarded as one of the best free Android apps as it allows users watch or download movies in HD for free. But there is one thing about showbox I do not like, its default download manager is so frustrating and annoying and i'm sure those who already know about showbox and using it will understand what i mean and will agree with me that the default downloader in showbox is not really that good.

The purpose of this article is to help guide all on how to download Movies and TV shows on showbox using Android Download Manager (ADM) which will make downloads more swift and easy, supporting pause and resuming of downloads.

Now what is Android Download Manager (ADM)? ADM as it is popularly called is a powerful downloader for Android, it intercepts files from browsers and accelerates downloading by using multithreading. ADM boost downloading for 2G, 3G and 4G networks; changing the maximum speed in real time, video and music downloader, smart algorithm for increased speed of downloading.

Below tutorial on how to easily download Movies or TV shows from Showbox using Android download Manager (ADM) which is more better and faster than Showbox default downloader.

1.  Download and install the latest version of ADM pro from HERE.

2.  Launch ADM pro and minimize it to keep it running in the background, we will use it later.

3.  Now, download and install latest version of Showbox android best movie app from here

4.  Launch showbox and select any movie you wish to download and allow it to finish loading

5.  Select any quality of your choice and follow below example:

  • Example, I want to download Gods Of Egypt 2016 latest movie and I have selected it among the movies in showbox as seen from below image.

6.  After selected movie has finished loading and you have also selected your preferred quality, simply click on "PLAYER".

7.  A small pop up menu will appear after clicking on "PLAYER". Now, select "Other Player"

8.  After selecting Other Player, click on "Watch Now". Another menu will automatically come up saying "Complete action using".

ADM Editor will be highlighted, simply click on Always or Just once.

9.  Now, after clicking on Always or Just once, automatically ADM editor menu will pop up as seen in below screenshot.

There you will have to edit movie name or leave it the way you see it. But I'll recommend you replace with your selected movie title and click on "Start".

10.  Now switch back to your previously minimized ADM PRO and check on "QUEUE".

There you will see your movie with a writeup "Creating a file". Simply allow ADM pro to do its thing and your movie will start downloading instantly with no problems.

if you experience any problem ask usinfg the comment box.



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  1. Doesn't work with Nexus 6p for some reason any fix? I have friends that use it with Samsung galaxy but doesn't work for me


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