Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Has MTN Really Ceased Mtn Yello Cheat(Life Plus)

For some days now, followers of this site has been rocking the unlimited MTN LifePlus browsing without issues. If you are new to this MTN trick, click MTN Yello(Lifeplus) Free browsing

It is trick that allows you enjoy free 100MB once you activate the lifeplus plan on your phone. This 100MB can be renewed free of charge by migrating back to MTN BetterTalk plan as soon as you exhaust the free hidden 100MB, so with this method, you can be browsing and use over 50gb of data.

However the question that people are asking all over the comments boxes on this blog and on my email goes this way "is MTN life plus still working?"

I was using it in the morning 27 April, 2016 and it was working fine but in the afternoon, it refused to renew the normal way. I tried everything possible but it wasn't working again so i decided to test it on another SIM card (this time around, a 0703 SIM) and it worked like magic.

While asking some people questions about their own, some reported that they are still flexing it while some are no more getting it renewed after using up the 100mb allocated.

In conclusion, i think MTN is trying hard to disable the service and in no time, it will stop working totally on all devices.

It is advicable that we should post cheats only on blog, whatsapp group chat, and to our close pals not on social sites.
The article will be updated upon any new improvement.



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