Friday, 4 March 2016

Whatsapp Now Supports Document Sharing

Whatsapp messenger has really been improving their services this year. It started with the removal of the yearly fee, then the increase in Whatsapp Group participants to 256 members, now Whatsapp has included a new feature in their latest update. The Feature include the support of Documents sharing like PDF file, Microsoft document files and other documents files like .txt . This new document feature is really great because I can now send documents files to your friends, family members, boss etc with directly through Whatsapp Messenger.
Before you can enjoy this feature, you must be using Whatsapp v2.12.493 or higher versions. Download it directly from playstpre or from the link below
Download Latest Whatsapp v2.12.493 or older versions Here
Sending a document files is very easy, Just tap the link button on the top right corner, click on Document and navigate to the Document File you want to share.
Note: The File limit is 16Mb, files higher than 16MB cannot be shared.

In the Next coming updates, I think Whatsapp Messenger will support apk file sharing. What you think?



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