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Various Ways In Activating Your Mtn Magic Sim

Follow This Simple Methods on How  To Browse And Activate Unlimited Free Browsing On Your Magic MTN SIM

1. Recharge your MTN SIM (use MTN Pulse Line forbetter result) with nothing less than #250
2. Send 2H to 131 . By so doing you are subscribing to 2Hours internet browsing on your PC/Mobile.
3. Insert the SIM into your modem thenconnect it to your PC and browse with it withinthat 2hours.
4. Remove the SIM from the modem and leave the SIM unused for 24hours.
5. After the 24hours, insert your SIM to your phone or modem; and browse till your last dayon earth.

Here are the procedures to setting up MTNMagic SIM cheat.
1. MTN Micro Sim Card
2. 250 Naira Airtime
3. 2 Hours of your time.
After Getting All The Above Down,Load 250naira nothing more or less, set Your dateto 12/12/2015 and time 00;00 , now buy d2h plan for 250 naira by sending 2H to131, browse but don't download Yet forThe 2hrs and then send 104 to 131 you’llget a message saying your last sessionwas 121 mins instead of 120 mins andnow start flexing.

How to Activate MTN Magic SIM using this third method
1. First of all, be sure to have up to N250 on your MTN sim card (Both old and New)
2. Then follow these steps:
Simply Subscribe to the MTN 2hours Plan by dialing *131*1*4*1#
3.The moment the airtime has been deducted, browse with it for about 5-10 minutes
3. Remove the sim from your phone, and keep it for 24hours
After 24hours, thrust the sim into your phone and start browsing for FREE
N.B: You'll get a message from MTN saying "Dear Customer, your subscription has expired" blah blah blah.
Just ignore the message and start browsing and downloading.

Well It's Not New to You all that Our beloved MTN is making sense again this 2016-could Dis be a set up? Well We don't know Yet all we do is seat
And surf free till Mtn blocks it

What is Mtn Programed Sim used for

It's been used to surf free, download, Stream live events, Works on mobile, Pc, e. T. C

Does it work for everyone??


Why is this tweak better than our beloved VPN tweak which is currently blazing


1. No disconnecting issues
2.downloads will never flaunctuate

3.High speed HD streaming and lots more

Is this programming difficult?

No it's not, very easy as ABC

Should I take the risk of using or trying it

I'm not gonna be involved if you take d risk doing it. As for me smartie I can risk my cash to do what I have to do to surf unlimited

What are the settings involved

1.maximum of 250 Naira on your Phone

2. Dial *131# Choose 2hr bundle

3. Browse till you exhaust the 150mb given to youDon't download or stream during this period)

4.Once your 150mb expires Mtn will send you a message

Keep browsing don't disconnect you can den download, Stream,)

After few hours of this

Disconnect your data, wait for few seconds on your data

And see d Magic

If it doesn't work for you, means uve to try another Sim or use another method

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