Thursday, 17 March 2016

New Open vpn files for Mtn Music plus and Bis

Mtn music plus has been rocking with open VPN for a long time now but there were complains that they disconnects frequently and are not stable

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I decided to create new stable openvpn VPN files for both bblite(Mtn bis) and Mtn Music+

For Mtn Music plus
1.  MTN Music+ 1 bySkilztools.ovpn / MIRROR / MIRRORS

2.  MTN Music+ 2 bySkilztools.ovpn / MIRROR / MIRRORS

3.  MTN Music+ 3 bySkilztools.ovpn / MIRROR

For Mtn Bis

1.  bblite 1 by Skilztools.ovpn / MIRROR

2.  bblite2 bySkilztools.ovpn / MIRROR

3.  bblite 3 by Skilztools.ovpn / MIRROR

Saturday 5th March 2015
New Bblite OpenVpn Config Files
Bblite Premium Openvpn Config File1

Bblite Premium Openvpn Config File 2

Bblite Premium Openvpn Config File 3

Bblite Premium Openvpn Server 4

Thutsday 17 March, 2016

Bblite Open VPN Premium Server 1

Bblite Premium Openvpn Server 2

Bblite Premium Openvpn Server 3

Bblite Premium Openvpn Server 4

Then configuration are all working perfectly. I advise you test all and use the one that suits you.

Say Goodbye To Disconnection.
Works on both Android and IOS devices
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The Openvpn Premium Servers will be updated regularly.

Drop your testimonies If it works for you in the comment box.



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