Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Mtn Magic Sim Made Easier And Better

Lot of Mtn Users have complained that 24 hours takes time to activate their Magic Sim and they need an easier and faster method to activate their Mtn Magic Sim. Today I will teach Skilztools Viewers an easier method to activate your Mtn Magic Sim without waiting for 24 hours. This time, I will teach how to activate your Mtn Magic Sim within 5minutes- 3hours depending on your patience.

How To Activate Your Mtn Magic Sim Easier And Better

First, Load #300 airtime or transfer #250 airtime from any Mtn Sim.
• Then Dial *131*1*4*1# to activate your 2hours plan. Once activated #250 will be deducted from your airtime balance.
Now I activate my 2 Hors Data plan by 12.10pm and it will expire 14.10pm
• Now Start browsing and surfing the internet but don't download or stream online videos or TV shows.
• Browse till at least 5 minutes (i.e 5 minutes, 10minutes or more) before the expired time.
For Instance, mine will expire by 14.10 PM, I will Browse till 14.02( or 14.00 or lower than that)
• Once it reaches 5 minutes, 10 minutes or or more minutes before it expires, by 14.02 remove your Sim and leave it for at least 6 minutes- 24 hours after the expired time.
I.e I will remove it by 14.02 and insert it back by 14.20( or 14.50 or more depending on how patient you are).
• Once you insert it back, On your Mobile Data and start browsing and downloading.

If you get any message that you have used 50% of your 2 Hours data plan or any other message, ignore it and continue browsing. Keep Browsing and Downloading till Mtn blocks it. This Method has been tested and confirmed working.
Enjoy while it lasts.
Note: Instead of offing your phone, you can put it in airplane mode
If you have any question, ask using the comment box.



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  1. Wgen i first did it it was really fast but leta on after few hours it became very slow like 5kb/s when downloading


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