Thursday, 24 March 2016

MTN BB10 Plans New Subscription Codes and Additional Working Proxy Servers

MTN BB10 Plan is very hard to activate this
day with the old subscription codes. Lots of
you guys might have tried to activate the
plan, but you always got failed error
message, possibly it's as a result of their
system upgrade while you might have
thought that MTN had cancelled the BB10
plan. This is to let you know that MTN BB10
packages are still alive, just that MTN has
updated the BB10 plans subscription codes,
but the price is still the same. Now you can
dial any of the below new codes to
subscribe for MTN BB10 Plan, your favorite
way to enjoy unlimited surfing with PC and
Android device.

Mtn BB10 MINI (Old BBLite) New Subscription Code

» Daily plan, dial *131*6*3*1# Cost N70

» Weekly plan, dial *131*6*3*2# Cost N350

» Monthly plan, dial *131*6*3*3# Cost N1000

Or Simply Dial *216*3# and follow the instructions.
Mtn Bblite or Bb10 mini is capped 5Gb.

» Daily plan, dial *131*6*4*1# Cost N100
» Weekly plan, dial *131*6*4*2# Cost N550
» Monthly plan, dial *131*6*4*3# Cost

Mtn BB10 Midi is capped 10Gb.

You can also dial *131# , then press 6 and
follow the instruction on the screen to
subscribe for any of the above plans.

You might wonder about the price
differences as they are serving the same
purpose, but note that BB10 MIDI plans are
more stable, with more data cap and its browsing speed faster
than BB10 MINI and your BB10 MIDI plans
may even exceed the normal validity date
before it expired.


Below are the additional working proxy
servers, which you can use for MTN BB10
via your VPN

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Sit down, relax and start downloading.



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