Thursday, 3 March 2016

How To Power All Apps When Using Mtn Magic Sim

Mtn Magic Sim has been blazing for over 3 weeks now and Skilztools has made it easier to activate your Magic Sim in less than 1 hour.

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One good thing about Mtn MMagic Sim is that it doesn't require any VPN like Psiphon Handler or Simple Server to work and you can tether it to other phones or PC via hotspot. I have recently noticed that the Mtn Magic Sim doesn't power all apps like Google Chrome, operamini and some other apps. It sometimes powers them but sometimes doesn't power them at all. If you are experiencing such issue, then this post is of great importance to you.
First you need Psiphon 108 Handler or Netify VPN or Syphon Shield to make the Mtn Magic Sim power all applications.
Open the Psiphon Handler and configure as shown below
√ Tick Remove Port
√ Proxy Type: Select Real Host or Dual Real Host
√ Proxy Server:
√ Real Proxy Type: Select Default or HTTP
√ Real Proxy Server:
√ Real Proxy Port: 8080
√ Save it and continue
√ Select Region of your choice. It works for all Region
√ Click on More Option
√ Tick Connect Through HTTP Proxy
√ Host Address:
Port: 8080
And save
This method allows you to use your Mtn MA Sim to power any application.
Note: Some Magic Sims powers all applications without the abo e method but If you are having problems using your Mtn Magic Sim browsing on other applications, use the above method.
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