Monday, 29 February 2016

WhatsApp Wont Be Available In the Following Device By The End of This Year

WhatsApp was seven(7) years old earlier this week and it has been one of the top best mobile social network in the world. The way WhatsApp looked like last seven years looked different from now. New features, security flaws and other bugs have been fixed and WhatsApp calling features was a turn over for WhatsApp.
As earlier last Month, WhatsApp had increased the participants in its group from 100 users to 256 users making it easier to add more participants to your group chat.
As at 2009, WhatsApp supported few phones like Nokia, Symbian and Blackberry. It later started rolling out in Apple, Android and other devices. Whatsapp had promised to expand their features and due to that, some mobile device may not support those features.
Whatsapp is based on focusing their effprts on mobile platform for the Vast majority people to use.
By the end if 2016, device listed below may not support Whatsapp features thereby making Whatsapp unable to run on such devices;
Blackberry including some Blackberry 10 devices;
Nokia Symbian S60;
Nokia Symbian S40;
Android 2.1 devices;
Android 2.2 devices;
Windows 7.1 phones.
WhatsApp had stated that those devices had played a role in the history of WhatsApp but those devices don't support Whatsapp features that can help expand their capabilities.
It was a tough decision that Whatsapp made but it was for a greater good to help keep in touch with Family, Friends and loved ones using Whatsapp Messenger. It is advised that those affected devices should try upgrading to the newer version of Android, IPhone or Windows devices before the end if the year 2016.



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