Sunday, 28 February 2016

Simple Android Server Now Called NetLoop

Simple Android Server is moving to a greater level. It has now officially changed to Netloop. If you are conversant with using Google Playstore, you will notice two different Simple Android Server made by different developers. The popular Simple Android Server Made by Zouga constantly updates his own Simple Server and decided to give it a new name called Netloop because he said he had expanded to other platform.
It is still the same look but different name now. It contains a proxy server and a free VPN although Vpn is not Stable unless you are Premium user.
According to Zouga he said,
"The VPN is not a full featured VPN. it is not provided for security but for tunneling purposes."

If you are using NetLoop's proxy server option please make remove any existing proxy server address in your device's APN settings. Failure to do this will cause Some of your apps not to go through the VPN i.e no need for and 8080 in your phone apn settings.

NetLoop Features
VPN features:

• HTTP request Compression.
•Ability to modify TCP connection parameters.
• Ability to use hotspot over VPN ( Requires root )
•Ability to use multiple concurrent connections to the VPN servers for the best Network usage experience

Local server features:

•modify outgoing requests.
•specify alternate proxy servers to send a request through
•provide alternate headers and ability to strip headers from incoming http responses
•ability to choose number of connections to be maintained by the app (good for power management)
•ability to share configurations through any file transfer method.

•System wide proxy service.

The current  version of NetLoop(New Simple Android Server) is v4.1.0

Download Link

Download NetLoop Vpn apk
If the download link is broken or not working inform SkilzTools through the comment box



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