Sunday, 28 February 2016

Mtn Magic Sim Is Back and Better

Mtn Magic Sim is back for real and blazing. Mtn Magic Sim simply means your Sim will browse and download for free without Money and without powering it with a Vpn like Simple Android Server or Psiphon Handler. I got to know of this from someone from my WhatsApp group chat and decided to give it a try and to my very surprise, it worked flawlessly. It has been blazing for over 1 week now so I decided to share it to Skilztools viewers. Magic Sim was blazing last year and was later discovered and blocked.
For some reasons I won't post it Here. But don't worry, you can visit SkilzTools Facebook Group HERE to k ow how to configure your Sim to become a Magic Sim.

You must migrate to Mtn Ipulse for better results If you are in another Mtn tarriff plan.
It is easy to setup and doesn't require any professional Skills. Just visit our Facebook Group HERE for more details.
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