Thursday, 25 February 2016

Mtn Free Browsing On Http Injector

Mtn free browsing has been blazing on Psiphon Handler, Syphon Shield, Openvpn, Pronet, Now it's now available on Http Injector.
Http injector is a Vpn that allow you to tunnel all applications when using the necessary settings and it involves professional use. It's easy to use and tunnels all app without root(root access needed only to tether your Internet Vpn connection)

How To Use Mtn Free Browsing and Downloading on Http Injector
The Latest version of HttpInjector is v2.2.2
Download Http Injector Apk Here
Download Http Injector and install it.
- I will drop two Http Injector config file that I have configured for Mtn Free Browsing and Downloading
Mtn Free Browsing Http File 
Download Here/MIRROR
Mtn Free Browsing Http File 2
Download Here/MIRROR
Now download any of the configuration for Mtn Free Browsing and Downloading on Http Injector to a folder in your SD card
Launch Http Injector and on the top right corner, click Import Config
Now browse to where you saved the config file and Import it.
Once imported, on your mobile data and click Start to start enjoying Mtn Free Browsing and Downloading on your Android phone.

Note: My current SSH accpunt will expire on the 29-02-2016 so there is nees to create a new SSH account from or or you can join our WhatsApp Group by droping your Phone Number and ask me to create your personal SSh account. If it becomes slow, simply stop the Http Injector and start it again.
If you want to learn how to create an SSh account, ask using the comment box and I will wrote a detailed post on how to do so.

If you experience any issue, notify through the comment box.



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  1. Please how do i create ssh account my brother put me through please. ...

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