Monday, 29 February 2016

How To Power All Apps when Using Etisalat Bis

It recently posted on how to use Etisalat Blackberry Subscription on Android device and noticed that it doesn't power all applications.

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Noticed that many users have complained to me recently that their Etisalat Bis is not powering operamini, YouTube, WhatsApp and some other applications and today I will post a way to power all apps.
The way forward is by simply configuring your Psiphon Handler or Syphon Shieild or Netify VPN with the configuration below and it will power all apps perfectly.

Now open your Psiphon Handler 
>>Tick Remove Port.
>> Proxy Type: Select Real Host or Dual Real Host
Now Go to Proxy Server: type
>> Real Proxy Type: Select Default or HTTP
>> Real Proxy Server:
>> Real Proxy Port: Type 80 or 8080
Click Save and continue.

Select Region As USA or Best Performance.

>> More Handler Settings
Tick  Connect Through HTTP Proxy
Tick Use The Following Settings
°Host Address:
°Port: 8080

Click Save and On your data.
You will notice it will connect, so enjoy and start flexing Etisalat Blackberry Plan on Your Android  Phone.
If you experience any problem, ask using the comment box.



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  1. oga skilkz, i need sure link for that glo 6gb #1300, this is my email: [email protected]

  2. Bt etisalat no b lyk mtn after exhusting d plan u still continue browsing I hate dem


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