Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Mtn Music Plus Free Browsing And Downloading Part 2

I have been using Mtn muisic+ for quite a while and noticed that somepeople are complaining that there mtn music + just suddenly stopped working so I decide to Share to you what I call Mtn music plus part2.
If you are new in Mtn Music plus click HERE

How To Set SMS Scheduler For MTN Music Plus Part 2 Unlimited Browsing
Click HERE/Mirror to Download SMS Schedule

Install the Sms Scheduler

Click ''I want to just start using it''
>>Then click on Add
>> Type 5900 in the Phone Number Field

>> Type cancel7i in the message box
>> Now Confirm the date and time

>> Now scroll down to frequency and Choose your SMS sending interval ( The time interval you think you can finish 150mb) I used 15Mins for example
>>Then click Accept to save.
>>Now click Add 
>> Type 5900 in the Phone Number Field

>> Type I in the message box
>> Now Confirm the date and time. Note: Make sure it is the same time with the one above.
>>Make sure your frequency matches the first time you created, mine is 15mins.
>>Then click Accept to save.
Alternative Method:

Download my SMS scheduler file 

>> Import the file
>> Click on the imported on any of the message to change the time interval to your preferred time interval

You are good to go.

>> Remember to 'Always Allow' Sms scheduler so that it would keep sending the messages automatically

The number of Sms delivered today

The type of messages that would be delivered to Mtn
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