Friday, 25 December 2015

Mtn Ceased Musicplus Cheat

Mtn has finally stopped Mtn Musicplus cheat. I meant that Mtn Musicplus failed to renew the Mtn Musicplus subscription after you have exhausted the 150mb. You can only resubscribe after 7days and that will be a long time for just 150mb. Some people have been asking me what next because they were really shocked when Mtn failed to renew their 150mb. Mtn noticed that most people stopped subscribing for other bundles so Mtn decided to stop people from subscribing to Mtn Music plus until after one week. 

What's Next  

The best solution to mtn users is to port back to Mtn Bis that is still blazing but capped 5gb either daily, weekly or monthly. I will write way on how to use Mtn Bis on both Psiphon handler and the Simple Server v3.7.0
So don't feel sad and subscribe back to Mtn BIS plans



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