Friday, 4 December 2015

How to Use The Latest Simple Server v3.5.0 with Mtn Music+

Today I'm going to teach Skilz Tools viewers how To use the Latest Simple Server v3.5.0 with Mtn Music+.
Some people had earlier complained that this latest Simple Android Server is had to configure but with this little steps below it would be a piece of Cake.

Download Simple Android Server v3.5.0
Phone Settings
Make your phone apn settings as seen in the pic below and save

Simple Server Settings

 Launch your Simple Server

Go to General settings

Tick Enable Proxy
Proxy Host:
Proxy Port: 8080
 Enable Injection
Enable Host Replacement
Injection Query:
Injection Host:
Injection Line: Tap the keyboard sign as shown blow three or four times. Choose the one that suits you.
 Go to Local Server Settings
 Tick Use Global Proxy.
Note: You can only tick Use Global Proxy only for rooted phones. It is a best alternative to autoproxy and proxy droid. It enables Simple Server to power all apps.
 Click Log Level and Select 'Debug'
You have Successfully configured your latest Sas to work with Mtn Music+
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