Wednesday, 30 December 2015

How To Use Etisalat Smart pack With The Latest SASv3.7.0

Etisalat Smart pack is blazing in the New Simple Serverv3.7.0. I have tested and confirmed it and have no doubt that it will work for you If you follow this tutorial
First, download Simple Server v3.7.0
and Install it 

Phone Settings

create a new Apn(AccessPoint) and configure it as
APN: etisalat
Port: 8080

Simple Android Server Settings

Open your Simple Server and click on Connection Settings
Configure Proxy Host as

Input  Proxy Port as 3128
  The proxy Host and proxy port will be updated regularly at our proxy page

Tick Enable Header Tweaking

Click Choose Tweak Type as Select Host Replacement
  Click Injection host
Save it
Chat pack or social pack users can use or or
Social pack users only can use or or as the Injection Host

Click back
Select Local Server Settings

 Click Log Level and Select Debug

Start your Simple server and start browsing and downloading till it expires because it unlimited.



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