Saturday, 26 December 2015

How To ON Your MTN Data

Some people have found it hard browsing after they have stopped using a particular Mtn cheat such as Mtn BIS or If you have Megabyte and you find it hard using it. Today I will tell you a little secret on how to make your sim browse again. Certain cheats when used for a long time might affect your sim and you may find it hard using it that's why I strong advice you don't also use your main sim for a particular cheat because that cheat may cause harmful effect on your sim when use for a long time.

How to on your Mtn data on so that you can use it to browse again

Simply text Data on to 131 as shown below

You will get a message that your data services has been successfully activated.

Updated Feb 10, 2016
Mtn has recently stopped Sms to 131 because of their internet connection flaw via Sms 
To turn on your data bundle, you have to Reset your data bundle plan. It have noticed that Psiphon, Sas and other Vpn has crucial effects on our browsing and without using them, you might not be able to browse even If you have an available Data plan so there i s need to reset your data plan to make it start working
To Reset your data plan or turn on your data plan, simply Dial *131*200# 
You will receive a receive a notification indicating that you have Successfully Reset your data

That's all now you can enjoy your data bundle.
If you have any question, do so to ask using the comment box.




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