Monday, 14 December 2015

How To Make 3G Network Connection To Be Permanently Stable

May people have complained about their stability in their 3g or HSPA due to bad connection or the phone itself. 
I decided to share to you an android app called HSPA+ tweaker that can help stabilise your 3g connection thereby increasing your internet speed. 

With this HSPA+ tweaker you will never experience disconnection of network or your 3G Or HSPA blinking on and off every seconds and it doesn't drain battery at all as your connection will continue to be alive till you exit the application or off your data connection.
Download your HSPA+ Tweaker HERE 

If you look at the pic you will notice the HSPA symbol at the top left of my screen indicating that it is connected or when you pull down the menu of your device you will see it too and if there's any error it will let you know and also the number of errors.

In the picture above it is showing running with 0 number of errors, if yours shows error exit the application and switch off your data and reconnect again and the error will go off. I hope this helps everyone who is interested and using this nice application, if you got questions to ask feel free to ask thanks.

How To Configure  HSPA+ tweaker

>>Click on Settings icon in the HSpa+ tweaker

 >>Click On ''Source to download''
>>Choose any source server you want

 >>Go back and Click on ''File Size to download''
>>Select ''1byte''
>>Go back again and click on ''Interval to download''
>>Choose ''1 sec''
Now go back and start your Hspa+ tweaker by click on the H+ sign
If your Hspa+ tweakers starts showing error sign,
Click on the Settings sign,
Go to ''Source to download'' and change the source server.
Go back and start the Hspa+ Tweaker. You are good to go.



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