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How to Install and Run Multiple Whatsapp Accounts on Android

WhatsApp messenger is one of the most used chat client in the world, it grants you the ability to transfer files, share pictures, music, videos easily and most importantly ‘chatting’. A lot of questions have been asked on how to install and run multiple WhatsApp account on Android phone. Did you know you can use two(2) or three(3) WhatsApp app all at once?

Whatsapp is more popular nowadays even BBM can't compete with whatsapp. Whatsapp calling features has been more reliant and efficient.
It’s very easy to run more than one WhatsApp accounts on your Android device, even though there is a restriction to the number of WhatsApp account (One) you may use on your Android device …However, we have devised a means to go round it, here are the requirements you must have to perform this function effectively.
1. Two or three Sims If you want to run three(3) whatsapp in one android device.
2. Whatsapp downloaded from playstore
This particular method enables you to run two or three Whatsapp in an android device without getting banned.
Download links

1. Install the three Whatsapp from the link above If you want to run three(3) Whatsapp in your android phone
2. Install Whatsapp from playstore and either OMWhatsapp or GBWhatsapp If you want to run two(2) Whatsapp at the same time.
3. Register your three(3) different sims with the three Whatsapp from the link  above or register your two sims with the Whatsapps from the link above.
3. You are now running three(3) or two Whatsapp in your phone as the case maybe.
1. Make sure you register one of your sim with the Whatsapp from playstore and any other Whatsapp Mod(OMWhatsapp or GBWhatsapp)
2. Don't register the same number in two different Whatsapp. If you do so the former Whatsapp will not be active while the new Whatsapp you registered will be active so endeavor to use different numbers to register the Whatsapp
3. The Whatsapp Mod(OMWhatsapp and GBWhatsapp) will be updated regularly to prevent your sims from being banned and to cliq with the latest Whatsapp 
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