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Etisalat Unlimited Browsing And Downloading Reloaded

Etisalat 0.0k free browing and downloading has been working for quite a while so I decided to share it to you guys how to configure it so that you can enjoy it while it lasts.
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Etisalat Smart/chat pack has been blazing for quite a while now but much people free browsing and downloading where you don't have to pay. It works beter and is faster in browsing and downloading when connected.

Phone Settings:
>>Open your phone settings 
>> Go to more 
>> Go to mobile network 
>> Go to access point names
> > Select
>>create new APN and configure as shown below:
>>Save And Use it as your default settings

Psiphon Handler Settings
launch your psiphon handler and configure it as shown below
>>Proxy type: Reverse Proxy 
>>Proxy server: or[email protected]
>>Real Proxy type: HTTP 
>>Real Proxy server: (leave it blank) 
>>Real Proxy port: 80
>>Click Save
>>You will get a pop up message asking if you want to use psiphon browser only or Tunnel whole device.
>>Make sure you choose tunnel whole device 
 >>Click on Option tab
>>Under Region Select USA and then click more option
>>Select more option, 
And check “Connect through an HTTP” 
Then select “Use the following settings:” 
Then configure as. 
» Host address: 
» Port: 3128 
The proxy server and port are called Magic ip
Save and Click Start, then wait for atlest 2-20minutes 

More Magic IPs

The Magic Ips will be updated regularly

It takes time to connect so you have to be patient.
It doesn't work for all sims because it worked for me but didn't work for my friend so the best alternative is using SMART/CHAT PACK WITH PSIPHON




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