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New Working MTN 2GO 3GB+ 60MB DATA

Tweaking is the best way to get free data and browse without any fear. Many people are still enjoying 3GIG MTN 2GO data every day for free, so today i decide to write this post to those that are new or looking for a way to enjoy 2go MTN free data on their devices for free. This Imei that am going to share with you is New, I tweak more than 5 sims card today.This 2go imei are still new so start tweaking

How to get free 3GIG MTN 2GO data 

Use any of the imei below
 1.  358429064684664 (Change the last 4 digit by Analysing)

 2.  866480013345720 (Change the last 4 digit by Analysing)

After successful tweaking 

Send MIFI or LYTE to 131 

And you will receive a message saying '' Y'ello, your free 60mb data plan has been activated.......''

Now Dial *559*6# to check your free 3GIG and  to view yor 60mb

Image result for 2go  mb 3gb

Note: It can be accumulated with Sms Bomber. Download HERE

How to use MTN 2GO 3GIG Data 

To enjoy your MTN 2go data you need to use vpn such as Simple server, Psiphon, Http Injector, Openvpn etc. 

Use the following settings below to configure the vpn mention above 

Mobile Settings
Access point:
port: 8080 

MTN 2GO Data With simple server for android 

Download the latest Android simple server  HERE

Open your Simple server android 


Listen port = 8080 

Mark enable proxy box 

Proxy host = 

Proxy port = 8080 

Enable injection box 

Injection method = Get 

Injection query/url = 

Injection host = 

Injection line = press enter 4 times 

Buffer size = 8092 

Log level = debug 

MTN 2GO Data with Psiphon
Click HERE to Download the New Advance Psiphon handler for android device

Open your Psiphon vpn 

Under Proxy type select ‘‘real host'' 

Under Proxy server: 

Under Real proxy server: 

Then leave the others and save. 

You will get a pop up message asking if you want to use psiphon browser only or Tunnel whole device. Make sure you choose tunnel whole device 

Then it will take you to the next screen, click on the option tab. 

Under region select any server, and then click on more option. 

Then click on more option. Under “proxy settings”’ check the “connect through an HTTP Proxy” box.
Mark Use system network settings 
Use the following settings
Host Address:
Port: 8080 

Then press the back button and wait for a few seconds while is connecting.

For Http Injector with MTN 2GO Data

Click HERE to download Http Injector app

Click HERE to download MTN 2go MB config file
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