Saturday, 28 November 2015

How to use Sms Bomber

Many people are new in accumulating their megabyte when tweaking. Today I will teach you how to use sms bomber to accumulate mb when tweaking imei.

Download Sms Bomber HERE

Lets us 2go mb for example

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Go to your SMS bomber,
You will see "Enter Mobile Number"
"Number of Messages"
"Enter text Message Here"

 2gomb type
*Enter mobile no-131
*Number of messages, any number you want.
Note : The higher the number, the higher the chances of getting more mb. For example  I use 4 as the number, 4×3gb=12gb but you might no be too lucky to bomb up to 4messages at the same time.

*Enter text Message here-lyte

Then click send
Click Always Allow and press send as shown in the pic below.
You have successfully bombed your message.


Note: The main principle of bombing is to send the same message in bulk so that your mb can be multiplied
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