Airtel is giving out 3,000 airtime for calling to selected users that follows the procedures below


Your Airtel SIM
A mobile phone (any phone would do!)


Having gotten the above requirements, let's proceed to the procedures

  • Recharge your Airtel SIM with N100
  • Dial ussd codel *447#

  • You will get a response sms i.e "Welcome to airtel big family...",  if you get an "error occured" or "system busy" prompt, keep trying till you get the former message.

  • After getting the "Welcome to airtel big family..."message, make a voice call to an Airtel line for 60 seconds at leastAfter terminating the call, dial ussd code*446# (ignore any response you get). You will be given FREE airtime
  • Dial ussd code *123*9# to check your bonus airtime balance

I was credited with N3,896 bonus airtime, you might be lucky and get more!

NB: The bonus airtime can only be used to make Airtel to Airtel voice calls

Did you get yours? Comment via the comments box


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